The Verdict

By Cbevan_|November 25, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

Last week our degree classifications were finally released. A Merit in MA Scriptwriting is definitely a good place to start my writing career. The only trouble is now I find myself with more free time than I know what to do with. Without the restrictions of course deadlines to push

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Too much of a perfectionist….

By Cbevan_|September 3, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

3 Am and I’m still sat here…. …tweaking Coping Ugly while my eye swells up thanks to some unknown allergic reaction. I’ve begrudgingly accepted that I won’t be able to submit the perfect draft of Coping Ugly. It won’t be stageable. There’s at least another 10 drafts, a character death

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By Cbevan_|August 26, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

So yesterday I finally finished the third draft of Coping Ugly. I was optimistic for the first time since the writing process began 6 months ago. It seemed to actually do something that I approved off…. And then the dust settled and the perfectionist came out. A full 24

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Updated To Read List

By Cbevan_|July 25, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

So it’s been eight months since I posted anything on my reading habits. Well, there’s no time like the present. Here it is: ——————————————- That Face – Polly Stenham The Effect – Lucy Prebble (Read. Love this writer and the    subject matter is in line with one of

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Who said unpaid work doesn’t pay off?

By Cbevan_|June 12, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

Back in April, I started a three week internship for Boomerang, a production company based in Gloworks in Cardiff Bay. I worked there for three days a week and waitressed and studied around the full days. It was an amazing experience and I will most likely always be grateful to Stapes

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Character Images for 31-10

By Cbevan_|May 16, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

Working in a partnership as much as I do, Rhia and I find that “casting” our characters early on helps us both keep track of the image in each others minds. Sometimes we might have completely conflicting ideas and need to talk it out. Other times, Rhia, being far

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MA Scriptwriting Residential – Gregynog

By Cbevan_|May 14, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting

My last post on Gregynog was a little short to say the least. The trip felt far too brief and I could have happily spent another two to three days at Gregynog Hall, even with the lack of signal and the terrible internet.  Gregynog Hall is a Grade One country

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