BOOK REVIEW: Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris

By Cbevan_|March 8, 2018|Book Reviews, Reviews, Urban Fantasy

Rereading Grave Sight was more enjoyable than I anticipated. Ten years later and I think my emotional connection to Harper may have grown. Grave Sight follows Harper Connelly a woman who travels across the USA with her step-brother Tolliver finding the dead when conventional resources fail. Struck by lightning

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BOOK REVIEW: Ashes Reborn, by Keri Arthur

By Cbevan_|February 17, 2018|Book Reviews, Reviews, Urban Fantasy

Ashes Reborn is the fourth book in the Souls of Fire series and unfortunately could end up being another Memory Zero. Dread is, unfortunately, overshadowing my enjoyment of this action-packed instalment. Ashes Reborn picks up a couple of days after the roaring events of Flameout. Emberly races against the clock to

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BOOK REVIEW: Flameout, by Keri Arthur

By Cbevan_|January 25, 2018|Book Reviews, Reviews, Urban Fantasy

Flameout is the third book in the Souls of Fire series and it’s just as fast-paced and high impact as the first two books. My love for Keri Arthur’s work just keeps growing. Flameout follows Emberly, a Phoenix living with her fated mate in Melbourne, as she falls further down

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BOOK REVIEW: Star Witch by Helen Harper

By Cbevan_|November 28, 2017|Book Reviews, Reviews, Urban Fantasy

Star Witch is the second book in Helen Harper’s The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series. Still confused and missing her ex-partner Raphael Winter, when the Order asks her to travel to the Scottish Highlands with him and spy on her favourite TV show, Enchantment, Ivy jumps at the

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