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By Christina|November 27, 2014|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|2 comments

As some people have remarked numerous times in the last few months, I’m extremely ambitious. Or alternatively, I’m not normal. Not sure about that last one but I can agree with the ambitious part.
During the next year, I have to come up with and write a major project. That project can be in any medium (TV, Film, Radio, Theatre). With a background in Film and TV, you would think I’d take the easy route. Of course not. See above.  Instead, I’ve decided to write a 90 minute play because….well because I’ve never done it before.
Doesn’t really help that I didn’t have much of an interest in theatre, as in plays, before either. I could live and breathe musical theatre. That wouldn’t be as much of a mystery.
But no. I will write theatre. I will write a play. Cue the tutors throwing plays…. In the last two months, I have read eight plays (not including musicals) and have another ten in my ‘to read pile.’ That’s essentially a play a week since the start of October. What now?
Thankfully, after all that reading I’m now coming to grips with different forms of theatre. Even though I’m very much set on my Major Project being staged using a composite set. It’s been an interesting journey all the same.

Here are some of the plays they’ve had me readying. Some actually relate to the subject of my play (grief and family) and others try to broaden my vision of stage:

  • All New People – Zach Braff
  • Blithe Spirit – Noel Coward
  • Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – Edward Albee
  • August: Osage County – Tracy Letts
  • Festen – David Eldridge
  • The Secret Rapture – Sam Shepard
  • Tonypanedmonium – Rachel Trezise
  • Earthquakes in London – Mike Bartlett
  • Once – Enda Walsh
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  1. If anyone can handle it you can!! ;o) Happy reading – it’s all adding to your knowledge and experience and can only make you a better writer!! xx

    1. If only I’d managed to tick more off haha. Lost in entrepreneurship right now 🙁

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