Writing New Years Resolutions

By Christina|December 31, 2014|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

Well in the spirit of New Years Resolutions, here are my resolutions for 2015…

More like my New Years Resolution to do list mind:

  1. Become a paid member of the International Writers Association
  2. Complete my application for the BBC Production Trainee Scheme
  3. Become a Script Reader
  4. Get production experience  Boom Pictures here I come!
  5. Get script reading experience (although after the script editing coming my way in January, I might never want to be on that end of the stick again. Mhmm. We’ll see)
  6. Submit to the Ustinov Award
  7. Write a brand new pilot ready for the next BBC drama submissions window
  8. Complete my first feature film 
  9. Successful produce Flat 666
  10. Edit my novel (at last)
  11. Finally write the treatment for 31-10 (sorry Rhi!)
  12. Write the book for Home: The Musical
  13. Should probably add plan and actually write the 10 or something projects currently on my slate…that might help
  14. Get an agent! 

That should all take me up until August. Anything beyond that is too far in the future for me. 

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