Flat 666 Production Update

For a month of new starts, January has been rather unkind to our production plans but it has taught me a lot about people and my ability to start troubleshooting problems months in advance. It seems I have been preparing for Flat 666 to run into problems since November.

What I learnt from the first Scriptwriting Weekend with Rebecca Gould…

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing all my notes up for months now. In typical writer fashion, I’m choosing now to do that. Yes, I am well aware that I should be writing my Script Analysis essay but procrastination is so sweet when it’s productive. The first scriptwriting weekend was intense and started very early (9 AM? Really?). Even so, it was well worth the loss of sleep

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10 things I learnt from Save The Cat

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing posts summarising the key aspects of the things I’ve been reading for a while. So I’ll start with the first book I ever read about Screenwriting: Blake Snyder’s ‘Save The Cat.’ There’s no way to include every interesting aspect of Save the Cat in 10 points so reading this book is a must. 

Ideas for Adaptation

So I should be focusing on my Entrepreneurship essay right now but procrastination is a writer’s greatest alley… I just put this together quickly to respond to Sian’s email for Adaptation so I thought I might as well post it here and see what everyone else is thinking.