Ideas for Adaptation

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So I should be focusing on my Entrepreneurship essay right now but procrastination is a writer’s greatest alley…
I just put this together quickly to respond to Sian’s email for Adaptation so I thought I might as well post it here and see what everyone else is thinking. 

Ideas for Adaptation

Amfia by Christina Bevan Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson:

Ideally, I would like to adapt this to TV. However, to do that it would probably need to become more ‘based on’ rather than a direct adaptation. In this case, I would add some sort of political and family tension showing what’s happening during the time that the Little Mermaid is stuck on land. There’s a background to explore with her grandmother, and the relationship between Trident and the Sea Witch. As well as the cycles of life themes and the difference in life under the sea.
Hans Christian Anderson was very careful in describing his world beneath the sea but at no point did he really answer questions he raised. Like how can the grandmother order an oyster to attach itself to her tail? She might be royalty but creatures tend to have minds of their own no matter what space they inhabit.
The additional dimensions and happenings would have to be created separate to the content of the story however. Hans Christian Anderson never actually leaves his protagonist to return to the sea so we never see what’s actually happening, we’re only told. 
For it to be entirely film, I’d make the mermaids communicate telepathically, which is something I would also do in a TV series but here it would increase the narrative and actually length it. It would give insight into other areas as well as possibly adding internal monologue from the Little Mermaid while she suffers through agony.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

I originally thought stage for this, not sure why. Or again, TV. The length of the book and the small seemingly unimportant details could make for a good serialised story.  I need to finish reading the book before I can say for definite what I would do with it story wise. As it is I want to keep focus on the original story and relationship, especially Phoebus. Disney cut so much information from the book, streamlining it to the point that it probably isn’t that recognisable. I would like to keep the time setting, especially since since some of the morals that come to play wouldn’t cause the same reactions today. Although with what I’ve read this far, might not be my first choice to work off. 

Grimm Tales Christina BevanThe Original Grimm Tales (newly translated and corrected to the original stories):

I haven’t read the new edition yet but after experiencing the Grimm Tales in London, which billed itself as immersive theatre when it was actually promenade, I have been stuck on the idea of creating a proper immersion piece on around 6 of the Grimm Tales. Taking them from the new edition with the original endings and content restored would make the piece slightly gruesome and scary. Perfect for a small group walking through artificial woods in an industrial warehouse late at night.  
Those are my ideas this far. I’ll probably end up writing them all at one point or anther. 
What’s everyone else thinking? 

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  1. Wow, pretty ambitions Christina!! I’m going to adapt A Welsh Witch by Allen Raine – one of my favourite books. I bought an old musty copy in a car boot sale 20 years ago and fell in love with it. It will either be for film or a 3 part TV series. Probably the series.

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