Flat 666 Production Update

By Christina|January 27, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

For a month of new starts, January has been rather unkind to our production plans but it has taught me a lot about people and my ability to start troubleshooting problems months in advance. It seems I have been preparing for Flat 666 to run into problems since November.
Two weeks before the final script deadline, I found myself having to reassess our production plans. With my team of writers (all but one) proving that they lack any ability to schedule their work commitments, I have had to make the difficult decision to ensure that Flat 666 will still see some kind of production.
Rather than filming all fifteen episodes of Flat 666 during the summer, I have decided that returning to our original plans will benefit the project most. As a result, we will be returning Flat 666 to it’s Mockumentary TV series status and filming only the pilot while I develop a Transmedia Series Bible that will contain some scripts written by myself, Rhianne Williams (co-creator) and Amy Rooney. Within the Bible, I plan to include character profiles, outlines for at least 9 episodes, synopses of vlogs and social media content (Blogs posts, Instagram posts & Tweets).
Returning to the original plan means that I will be able to comfortably prep the production and focus on my play, adaptation of the Little Mermaid and short for the Masters. It also means that I can ensure that the pilot and bible are of the highest quality. 

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