My 2015 Reading List

By Christina|February 2, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

My list of books to read just seems to keep growing. In order to keep all the piles of books straight in my head, I’m creating this list as a checklist for myself. I’ll cross them out as I get through them and maybe add a review later on. Although, it’ll probably be twice the size before the course is even finished. 


  • Bryony Kimmings – Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model 
  • Nick Payne – Constellations
  • Sam Shepard – Seven Plays
  • Martin McDonagh – Plays: 1
  • Vicky Jones – The One
  • Evan Placey – Girls Like That 
  • Ella Hickson – Eight
  • Laura Wade – Alice
  • Laura Wade – Breathing Corpses
  • Into the Woods
  • RENT


  • David Edgar – How Plays Work (in progress) 
  • Stuart Spencer – The Playwright’s Guidebook (in progress)
  • Lajos Egri – The Art of Dramatic Writing (in progress)
  • John Truby – The Anatomy of Story
  • Linda Seger – Creating Unforgettable Characters
  • Kenneth Atchity & Chi-Li Wong – Writing Treatments that sell
  • Martie Cook – Write to TV
  • Pamela Douglas – Writing the TV Drama Series
  • Linda Venis – Inside the Room
  • Christopher Booker – Seven Basic Plots
  • Cooper – Writing the Short Film
  • John Yorke – Into the Woods


  • Criminal Psychology (in progress)
  • The Criminal Mind: A Writer’s Guide to Forensic Psychology
  • The Scottish Witch-hunt in context
  • The Forest in Folklore and Mythology 
  • The Welsh Fairy Book
  • Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales
  • Welsh Short Stories (Penguin)
  • A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling
  • The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (Newly translated and Restored)
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