Sanctuary: A Short Play

By Christina|February 3, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

In November, Jill, an MA Drama student, asked me to come up with a short play dealing with the idea of sanctuary. She wanted something scripted to use for her assessment. Jill just forgot to mention that she needed it before the semester ended. Panicked, I set to work on the first short play I’ve ever written. The first draft apparently made no sense so back to the drawing board I went and Sanctuary was born. 
Jill planned to use it to demonstrated the Whelan technique of rehearsing and develop it into a piece of physical theatre. I had no idea what that meant and Stapes was of no use. Neither of us had a clue which did not kill my apprehensions.
With the help of three of Jill’s theatre students, all was revealed and I got to see my work performed for the first time. Apparently, the Whelan technique involves pre-recording the script so that the actors can focus on the emotion behind the words, creating realistic gestures that add more meaning. 
Jill was kind enough to send me the sound file.

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