Too much to do, too little time

By Christina|February 11, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

I’ve had an extremely busy start to the year….and it’s only just turned February!  In just one month and eleven days, there have been assignments to hand in, workshops, masterclasses, some serious problem solving and a lot of script development.  My head hurts just thinking about it.
Thankfully, with all academic aspects of the course out of the way, I can dedicate my time to the important side….the creative.

As one of my earlier posts noted, my plans for Flat 6.66 have severely altered due to unreliability among some of the my writers. This will likely be a godsend because it means that the project could be returned to it’s original form: a mockumentary TV series with transmedia aspects online. As such, I will be producing the Pilot episode with the aid of our brilliant director, Jamie Hunt in July.  Thus freeing up time to ensure that a) the quality of Flat 6.66 is of the highest possible, b) a series bible is created and c) all of my masters projects are as complexly and thoroughly developed and written as I imagine they will be. Given that I will be writing a 90 minute play, the treatment, synopsis and, likely for my sake of mind, the pilot episode of my adaptation of the Little Mermaid and a short radio or stage play, that free time allows me to breathe easily.
And along with the creative comes networking and career development. Since the new year started, I have been to a BAFTA Masterclass on breaking into TV screenwriting in London which was a part of the Totally Serialized programme in conjunction with the French Institute and Canal + (I’ll post my notes on that in a couple of weeks), organised a three week work experience placement with Boom Pictures in Cardiff and convinced Rob Gittins to read and feedback on the Pilot episode of 31-10. It’s been a busy month….and it’s about to get busier.
Back last year, I won my first brief with Ideastap and secured a place in one of the Hightide Playwriting Workshops. On Saturday, I will by travelling up to Bristol for the workshop at the Bristol Old Vic. After the workshop, I will be expected to write a piece of work influenced by my time at the workshop by the start of March. 25 people will then be asked to upload their work and of those 25, 5 will be chosen to attend an intensive bootcamp led by Will Wrightson and Steven Atkinson. So fingers crossed.
On the 24th Feb, I’m also planning on travelling up to London for a Q&A with Ideastap about the pros and cons of playwriting residencies. I’m hoping that the event will shed more light on what I need to do to gain attention with my work and land commissions.
Let’s hope I can keep it all straight. I’ll post updates on all the events at some point. I’m a little behind and still have notes from the scriptwriting weekend with Rob Gittins and the Bafta Masterclass to type up.

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