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By Christina|March 21, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

With the adaptation treatment for ‘Amfia’ finished at last, I’m feeling a little lost – I have spent the last month and a half focusing all of my attention on Amfia, Maura and the society beneath the sea. I’ve spent most of the day trying to start my short script but have ended up only thinking about doing it while I re-watch Once Upon A Time. I’m trying not to think of it as procrastination and more a well deserved break. 

From Monday, however, it’s business as usual. I’ve got a pilot to produce after all. So the aim of this post is to remind myself exactly what I need to do. 

  • Outline my short script
  • Write the first draft of Coping Ugly
  • Fix and edit the full six episode treatment of Amfia
  • Organise a location for the second act of Flat 666
  • Launch an Indiegogo campaign for Flat 666
  • Write the treatment for all five series of 31-10
  • Write the first draft of short script
  • Write the pilot episode of Amfia
  • Film Flat 666.

I know exactly what you’re thinking; that’s a bit much. Most of them are over the summer tasks…but then if that were actually true Operation Sidney, Una Bella Vita, Home, Picture Perfect Family & the Grimm Tales adaptation would be in there. But I know I don’t have room for any of that in my head right at this moment. Maybe. Possibly. 
But serious right now getting Coping Ugly and my short script written is far more important. That and Flat 666. Obvs. 
So I guess that’s my next step. Write Coping Ugly and the short script.
Maybe if I repeat it enough I’ll finally turn Once Upon A Time off. 

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