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By Christina|July 25, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

So it’s been eight months since I posted anything on my reading habits. Well, there’s no time like the present. Here it is:


20150725_230727That Face – Polly Stenham
The Effect – Lucy Prebble (Read. Love this writer and the    subject matter is in line with one of my many interests: Psychology and the Brain. Amazing play.)
The New Electric Ballroom – Enda Walsh
The Nether – Jennifer Haley
Girls Like That – Evan Placey
An Intervention – Mike Bartlett
Constellations – Nick Payne
The One – Vicky Jones
Always the Bridesmaid – Lindsey Kelk (This book has been on my self for weeks. I           don’t  know how I’ve contained myself! Love a  lot of Kelk. She got me through my year abroad  after all.)
The Stuff of Thoughts – Steven Pinker
The Playwright’s Guidebook – Stuart Spencer


This doesn’t represent the entirety of my To Read pile but the ones I’m prioritising. Given that I’m writing a play, I kind of went a little mad the last time Amazon tempted me and bought A LOT of new plays… and playwrights who are entirely new to me (Lucy Prebble, Evan Placey, Vicky Jones, Jennifer Haley, Nick Payne and Polly Stenham). But let’s face facts, I’ll be discovering new playwrights for the rest of my life; may as well get used to the trend now.

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