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So yesterday I finally finished the third draft of Coping Ugly. I was optimistic for the first time since the writing process began 6 months ago. It seemed to actually do something that I approved off….
And then the dust settled and the perfectionist came out. A full 24 hours later, I’m finding myself right back at square one with less than two weeks to the submission deadline. So many problems and I’m struggling to see a solution. Or more the solutions I can see are so daunting they make me want to crawl into bed for a week so that I can avoid the headache.
One of those alterations involves cutting a character. A decision that admittedly has been haunting me for months but in the act of cutting that character, a huge hole opens up and a void in the sister dynamic I’d almost nailed suddenly appears. That in turn creates another problem. What do I fill the void with? Whatever I do could nail the tone of the play or it could completely alter the characters… but do I want to alter the characters? And the third act. I swear my third act is flat. Yes, there’s drama but it’s an act of resolution. How much conflict can you actually get out of 30 mins of resolution?
It’s been one day. One day and a million questions that I lack the capability to find answers for. Is there any wonder I’m struggling to process information?
In less than two weeks, I’ll be finished with the MA and I can’t help but feel that I’ve not actually achieved what I wanted in the last year. Sure I have a treatment for an adaptation of the Little Mermaid and an episode of a 5 part radio series. Neither are polished enough to be of actual use to me any time soon. And while I’ve been focusing on this play, I haven’t written any of the feature films Rhi and I had planned. All I’ve gain this year is a lot of ideas and a lack of material that could gain the attention of an agent.
Rather negative but I can’t help but be realistic. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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  1. Keep the faith Christina. I enjoyed what I read in Gregynog. I thought it was a very clever and interesting story. Writing is re-writing (or that’s what better writers than me keep saying anyway!).

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