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By Christina|November 25, 2015|Blog, MA Scriptwriting|0 comments

Last week our degree classifications were finally released.

A Merit in MA Scriptwriting is definitely a good place to start my writing career. The only trouble is now I find myself with more free time than I know what to do with. Without the restrictions of course deadlines to push me to work, I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed a little bit of a break for the last two months. Possibly too much of a break… I’ve binge watched a lot of shows I somehow missed and re-watched far too many shows I loved.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t have projects to get moving on. It means that I’ve managed to justify my procrastination. 8 months working on Coping Ugly. I deserved a break.
Well now that break has gone on too long. This is me putting my foot down and attempting to take control of my writing schedule… again.
I came up with a down to the week schedule after handing Coping Ugly in.
Yeah that didn’t work too well.
According to that schedule, I should be half way through the Flat 666 vlogs, have re-written Coping Ugly twice, re-structured and written the Amfia pilot, completed two shorts and have written two features. I’ve done none of that!
I was ambitious. I know that now. I also severely underestimated how tired I’d feel coming of the MA. Maybe.
With that failing in mind, I re-structured my plan. My new simplified version still manages to stress me out, and I’m betting that has everything to do with the 24 Flat 666 vlogs hanging over my head, but I’m hoping it’s going to be manageable. Hell, there’s no hope in this equation. It simply has to be.
Discovering that the Papatango Prize doesn’t close until March probably relieved a good deal of stress too. No need to think about Coping Ugly until January so that’s one pressing project off my list for now.
Until the end of 2015, I have 3 projects to focus my energies on. The first and the most pressing is an adaptation of an as yet unpublished novel by a New Zealand author which may or may not be based on true events. The screenplay needs to be ready and in it’s final stages before the Page International Award opens in January. So you can see why that’s priority one.
The second project is a psychological short inspired by the unresolved legend of Lillian Grey which I am developing with a local filmmaker. I’ve outlined the whole thing so you’d think sitting down and writing would be the easy part. I’ve had an outline for 4 weeks. I’ve written 3 pages.
Where did myself restraint run off to? Logo
The last project I’m allowing myself to focus on before the new year is of course
Flat 666. Production of the 24 episodes is planned for March/April 2016 so there’s no time to loose. The series plan is coming together frustratingly slow but at least it’s coming.
I have a feeling that the best possibly way to motivate myself through the tiredness is to publicly shame myself and what better place than my own website. I’m still running the logic of this plan by myself as I write but if feels like a good idea and one that I hope will fix my procrastination issues. It works for fitness and diet accountability right? So why can’t it work for writing and self-management? Thoughts anyone?

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