New Year, New Plan

By Christina|January 6, 2016|Blog, writing progress|0 comments

Every year I make a resolution of some sort and I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen any of them through. Read more books, loss weight, finish this project or that project, spend more time learning this language or that language. Despite these attempted resolution, I have gained weight, my languages are becoming a dull memory and I still have a never ending project list.
This year, I decided to take a new course of action. I realised that until now I have only ever set vague resolutions which might not have been the best route to success. Therefore, for this year, I was specific. This year, I set myself a target. A daily target. For 365 days, I resolved to write for AT LEAST an hour every day. Not matter how busy I am, or how tired, or how ill, I will write every day.  Not plan. No, the point of this challenge is to actually put pen to paper and write something, anything.
I’m doing an OK job thus far but then we are only 6 days into the new year and I’m still technically on holiday in Edinburgh.
Positivity is key.
I refuse to use words which convey a sense of uncertainty. I know I can write for an hour every day. I managed to write 55,000 words in on month for Nanowrimo. At no point did I say I would try to make my target or attempt to reach 50,000 words. I just did it.
And I’ll do it again.

As well as making a resolution that will only make my writing habits grow and help my writing get better, I have also taken stock. I’ve taken note of my frustrations and my ambitions. I’ve assessed what lies behind some of those frustrations and what could stand in the way of my progress.
Unsurprisingly, the biggest source of frustration in my life is the number of unfinished projects or ideas that haven’t been developed further. Those unfinished projects also prevent progression within the industry. As such, I identified my priorities for the next year, decided which projects NEED to be written and edited within the next few months, and the chose the project for which I could focus on developing treatments and outlines.
Twelve months of unwavering cemented structure would probably only increase my frustrations, however.  As such, I have decided to divide the year in half. From now until June my priorities are as follows:

  1. New Zealand Adaptation Project (Screenplay)
  2. Coping Ugly (Theatre)
  3. Lillian Grey (Short)
  4. Flat 666 Series Plan & Episodes (Webseries)
  5. Amfia  (TV)
  6. Mystery Project (Short)
  7. Operation Sidney (Screenplay)

Of course, those priorities don’t include my ongoing weekly projects – Novel edits for and TV reviews for my Annwn Productions site.
Yeah… I’m gonna need more than an hour a day.
Progress is time consuming after all.

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