10 Minute Musical: Rehearsal

By Christina|February 7, 2017|Blog|0 comments

On the 29th January, Better Than New: A Ten Minute Musical was performed, script in hand, in front of a small audience. Unfortunately, my body decided that Sunday was the day I needed flu. So I missed the performance.
I was able to hold on long enough to see Huw and Aled run through the newly edited script before I had to get myself to bed. Of course, I recorded it.

Warning – image quality isn’t the best.

More 10 Minute Musicals to come
Leeway Productions have another two 10 Minute Musical projects planned this year: commencing 23rd July (Welsh medium) and 12th November (bilingual).
I have also just discovered that four of five pieces will also have the opportunity to be showcased at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2017 or 2018.  So that’s exciting.
For more info on the other pieces performed, check out Art Scene Wales’ review of the night.

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