BOOK REVIEW: Grave Visions by Kalayna Price

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Grave Visions is the fourth book in the Alex Craft urban fantasy series. Originally published in 2010, I discovered this series in September 2016 and knew straight away that I would love it.


If you haven’t heard of Kalayna Price’s Alex Craft series then here’s a quick recap:

Alex Craft is a private investigator and consultant for the police with a twist: she can speak to the dead. Not in the usual psychic sense, Alex is a grave witch operating in a world where the supernatural aim to work in tandem with humans. Nekros City appeared out of thin air one day, bringing with it enlightenment and forcing the supernaturals into the light.

Alex wants to avoid the fae as much as possible but when almost all of her cases start to cross into fae business she is assigned Falin Andrews, the Winter Queen’s bloody hands, to help her navigate human and paranormal politics and supposedly offer protection. But Alex has enough protection in the form of Death. You read that right, Alex has a not so secret admirer in the form of a Reaper who has visited and protected her since childhood. They shouldn’t be able to interact but somehow Alex can make him corporeal. Alex is more unique than she knows and as the series progresses, she finds herself caught between three fae royal courts desperate for her allegiance.


I devoured the first four books in quick succession, which is why I say: how long to the next book? It’s a horrible feeling, this waiting business. Especially after a year of being able to just order the next book the moment I finish the last.

Grave Visions delivered a fast-paced story, which developed the plot and Alex as a character. It forced her to make a decision in at least one aspect of her life. Granted, it was a matter of life and death but she still made progress and accepted her Fae nature a little bit more.

The knots Price has tied around Falin and Death are annoying but also fantastic for Alex’s character development because, again, it forces her to take action and look for solutions or walk into very dodgy situations for the sake of the plot. But I’m ready for Alex to have an option that isn’t taboo, emotionless or condition-laden.

This book was full of surprises and even more questions. By the end of the book, I was sure of one thing: Alex’s father has been plotting something major from the very beginning and the Shadow King MUST be in on it. What could he possibly gain from that match? And why would he treat Alex so badly when his plan evidently depends on marrying her off?
Next book, please.

Grave Visions, by Kalayna Price
Series: Alex Craft #4
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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