BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Neil Gaiman

By Christina|November 25, 2017|Biography, Book Reviews, Reviews|0 comments

The Art of Neil Gaiman is a biography charting Neil Gaiman’s conquests, from that failed Duran Duran biography to his work with Terry Pratchett and beyond. It looks at some of the relationships, partnerships and chance encounters that contributed to creating the literary genius we know today. 
It’s no secret to those who know me that Neil Gaiman has played a massive role in my writing journey. His work has inspired me and evoked emotion in the most unlikely of ways.

My best friend bought me The Art of Neil Gaiman for Christmas because she knows me too well. After years of repetitively wishing, I could finally see inside Neil Gaiman’s head. Oh, boy did this do the trick. That isn’t as strange as it sounds, I swear. I’m a writer who will readily admit that she idolises Neil Gaiman.

I cried. I laughed.

I questioned every single writing goal I had ever made. Amazingly this book had the same effect on me as a piece of Gaiman writing. It made me feel. It took me on a rollercoaster, made me admire the man and the stunts he’s pulled to get where he is today.

Not an Art Book (but there is lots of beautiful artwork)

Some people seem to have been surprised to discover that this was a biography of Neil Gaiman’s work rather than a book of the art that went into his countless projects. And to them I say, the cover clearly states that it is a story of a writer.

It is written by Hayley Campbell, a writer who knows Gaiman very very well, who has clearly been helped, inspired and guided by him. And I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

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