BOOK REVIEW: Star Witch by Helen Harper

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Star Witch is the second book in Helen Harper’s The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic series.

Still confused and missing her ex-partner Raphael Winter, when the Order asks her to travel to the Scottish Highlands with him and spy on her favourite TV show, Enchantment, Ivy jumps at the chance.

Excellent Character Development & World Building

This book continued to build on the Lazy Girl world of Magic and their drive to protect the Order from itself and non-magic people. In this instalment, we not only gain a deeper insight into the Order and their politics, we are also introduced to non-Order witches who are not strong enough to pass the Order’s entrance exams and the art of necromancy which was thought long dead.

Harper also develops our favourite characters from the first book and has clearly implemented a well-developed character arc for their emotional development throughout the trilogy. By the end of this book, Ivy has not only faced up to her emotional attachment to Rafe and Brutus but also developed cracks in her lazy, self-serving mask by intending to sacrifice her own life for the sake of the Order and Rafe.

Ivy & Brutus

Ivy is an emotionally mixed bag at times which is something I would attribute to her one-track mind. At times, she is angry and betrayed over Brutus’ perceived abandonment and at other points, she couldn’t care less.  Expect some hilarious jealous and frustrated internal monologues from Ivy but also expect some happy moments as Ivy and Brutus’ relationship develops.


Harper uses her epilogues to not only further the story but reveal information and provide insights into our other core characters. At the end of Star Witch, we are treated to an epilogue through the eyes of a distraught Rafe and if you’re in any doubt about the strength of his love for Ivy by the end of this book, this chapter will set you right. It also helped in developing Brutus’ character beyond that of a familiar that hates his witch.

There are plenty of laugh out loud and aw moments in this instalment and you’ll find it very hard not to continue straight on to the third book after reading the ending. I finished book two and three in the same day.

Star Witch, by Helen Harper
Series: the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic
Genre: Urban Fantasy

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