BOOK REVIEW: Boys by Ella Hickson

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‘Boys’ by Ella Hickson is about accepting change and taking the next step in life.
Boys uses a cast of characters graduating (some of them) from university and sets it in their final week of flat sharing. The play explores the grey area between childhood and adulthood and the uncertainties they face. The four new graduates choose to celebrate their impending adulthood with the party to end it all. Tongues loosen and truths are spilt.

For some of the characters, the larger issues are hidden behind the mundane concerns of cleaning house and getting the deposit back (something Edinburgh letting agents are notoriously difficult with). For others, it’s about living and enjoying every single moment together while they still have time together.

‘Boys’ had the potential to move me but missed the mark. Of the four flatmates, Cam’s arc felt the most complete. He goes from being a nervous wreck to facing his fears, to deciding to give up on everything he’s worked for since childhood, to regret. In one drug-induced stupid moment, he threw away his chance at a musical career through fear and almost instantly regrets it.

A good deal of the specifics are left in subtext and never confirmed, which depending on the reader, can be both good and bad.

I’ve given ‘Boys’ 4 stars purely because it failed to make me cry or laugh. It was a good read and I would love to have seen it live.

Boys, by Ella Hickson
Genre: Theatre drama,
Themes: growing up, change, modern
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