2018 Writing Goals

By Christina|January 11, 2018|Blog|0 comments

I had many plans for how 2018 would start. I was going to finally get back to writing my novel and reduce the backlog of 2017 book review write-ups.

I swore that the 1st of January would be productive and I was determined not to spend the day in bed with a hangover.

Well, I didn’t spend the day in bed with a hangover. I spent it in bed with books and a strange concentration issue which prevented me from writing a word. I got absolutely nothing done but reading which is, great for my 2018 GoodReads Challenge goal, not so great for the status of my manuscript.

That concentration issue seems to be the result of my body taking full advantage of the first planned period of quiet gifted it since March.

Eleven days into January, I’m ill and all of the fitness and writing goals I set myself for the new year have fallen by the wayside.

But there are another 354 days in 2018 so I’m not going to let it deter me too much.


Weekly word count goal

I want 2018 to be the year of actually completing projects and to do that I am setting myself a weekly word count of 3000 words per week.

Those 3000 words can be a part of any project as long as it’s a novel.

In 2018, I am putting all film, theatre and tv projects on hold in a bid to actually complete and redraft a new book.

Freehand writing

Each morning I am challenging myself to write three pages freehand of anything that comes to mind. No internal editor. No set project.

The pages I write each day can be completely unrelated; they can be dreams, diary entries of a sort, snippets of scenes from an as yet unwritten novel. The goal is to get the creative juices flowing.

Author Platform

I am a rather sporadic user of all social media and I’ve been fine with it to now but in the world of publishing self-marketing is crucial and it is becoming increasingly important that authors build an “author platform.”

Now, I’m not published yet but I am working towards it and this means that I need to get serious about my social media presence as well as my writing.

In 2018, my goal is to post more frequently on bookish and writing topics, sharing more updates. I plan on doing this via reviewing the books I read and sharing those reviews on my website.

As well as posting one blog per week which is not review related. That blog post will hopefully be an update on my writing progress or a discussion of a writing-related topic.

Outlining Success

The book I am currently working on has been in my head for a good number of years and has gone through various stages of redraft and reimagining. My other novel ideas are either so new that it’s just a vague concept or old enough that I have a vague idea of the characters and the world.

In order to make the most out of my time in 2018 and force myself to keep to a high output writing schedule, I want to develop and outline at least two new novels this year.

The goal here would be that while Draft One of Pandora Returns is with critique partners and beta readers, I begin working on draft one of my little mermaid retelling or draft one of my paranormal romance.

These are my 2018 writing goals. Let me know what your goals for 2018 are.

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