BOOK REVIEW: Ashes Reborn, by Keri Arthur

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Ashes Reborn is the fourth book in the Souls of Fire series and unfortunately could end up being another Memory Zero. Dread is, unfortunately, overshadowing my enjoyment of this action-packed instalment.

Ashes Reborn picks up a couple of days after the roaring events of Flameout. Emberly races against the clock to get revenge against the sadistic and mysterious Rinaldo for Rory’s death and the pain of his rebirth. Emberly and Jackson are forced to reach out to the Paranormal Investigations Team for help even though they are certain there’s a mole within their ranks.

First off, I need more of this series immediately. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, if ever. This series has been dropped by the publisher and all future Keri Arthur books will be self-published for the foreseeable. Keri Arthur has outlined the rest of the series but has not yet begun writing and is currently unsure if she will continue with the series. Prepare yourselves for another Memory Zero!

Ashes Reborn was a typical Keri Arthur. It was fast-paced, action-packed and did not skimp on the gory details.

Keri Arthur’s writing just gets better and better. She has fine-tuned her storytelling to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Almost every scene in Ashes Reborn moves the series and the characters forward. There is very little time for unnecessary exposition and aside from the characteristic recap included within snippets of the first chapter, Ashes Reborn is all forward momentum.

This is an urban fantasy not for the faint of heart. Be warned this book does contain a rape scene which could very easily have been avoided but the author felt it was necessary so I personally accept that. The manner in which Arthur deals with the rape was, for me, within character. I believe it would be dealt with in future instalments as Emberly helps Jackson come to terms with it.

This book hinted at so many things to come that when I read the final line, I found myself filled with dread. The ties binding Emberly and Jackson to PIT grew exponentially during this books, and there were countless hints about future events and the darkness spreading across Australia.

Ashes Reborn answered numerous questions and ended many plot lines, but it also opened countless more and left us wanting more from Emberly and Sam’s relationship.

Reading this book was a joy and I really wish the knowledge of the series potential end hadn’t overshadowed that. Even so, I am rating it on my reading experience.


Ashes Reborn, by Keri Arthur

Series: #4 Souls of Fire
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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Ashes Reborn, by Keri Arthur


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