BOOK REVIEW: Breaking Hollywood, by Samantha Towle

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Breaking Hollywood is a light and fluffy read on the surface. It’s a highly enjoyable new adult contemporary romance and very in keeping with Samantha Towle’s other works.

Breaking Hollywood is a follow-up book to Wardrobe Malfunction and catches up with wardrobe mistress Ava after the unfortunate loss of her job. Absorbed in her problems, Ava doesn’t notice Gabriel Evans, her Hollywood A-list crush, walking up to her car. Ava breaks Gabriel’s foot and, with nothing better to do and nowhere to live, offers to help him until his foot heals.

So the good first. This book has numerous funny moments. Ava’s goat is so cute and its dislike of Gabriel was an enjoyable diversion. Ava is generally a well-developed loveable character and Gabriel is an unsteady tornado of emotion.

I read Breaking Hollywood for the #24in48 read-a-thon between 11PM and 6AM and was very impressed because at no point, did I feel tired or want to stop reading. For six hours, I was completely engrossed in this book. It’s an easy and sometimes entertaining read.

Unfortunately, I’ve developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with Samantha Towle’s work and Breaking Hollywood raised two major issues for me.

The first issue was the portrayal of her male protagonist. Gabriel thought and acted like a carbon copy of previous male protagonists. His speech and internal thoughts, in particular, were concerningly similar to Under Her, which is a novel I did not enjoy.

The second issue was the inconsistent female protagonist. At points, Ava was a strong character but then the coin would flip quickly and she would be weak and easily manipulated. With Gabe, she became far too forgiving and it presented a jarring and annoying contrast.

Gabe has a mood swing and takes it out on her, and she’s rightly angry and hurt but the moment he realises he was an idiot and apologises, she forgives him without thought. After the third time, surely a normal person would think “wait, this is a problem that I need to address?” Right?

Despite my issues with the book, I feel that the fact that it was entertaining enough to keep me awake through the night was enough for a 4-star.

Breaking Hollywood, by Samantha Towle
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
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