BOOK REVIEW: A Veiled Deception, by Annette Blair

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I didn’t understand what a cozy mystery was until I read A Veiled Deception. It turns out that I’ve read a number of them but A Veiled Deception was by far the best.

A Veiled Deception follows fashion design assistant Madiera as she returns to her hometown to help her baby-sister plan her wedding. Unfortunately, Madiera’s first night in town is met with the untimely murder of a wanna-be fiance snatcher in Madiera’s childhood home. With her sister a suspect, Madiera takes charge and with the help of her fashion knowledge and a newfound psychometry gift, she races to clear her sister’s name.

Having realised that Charlaine Harris Aurora Teagarden and Lily Bard series were, in fact, cozy mysteries, I went into this book warily. I was not a fan of Charlaine Harris’s cozy mysteries and thought they were weak in every way. Annette Blair resurrected my faith in the genre when I didn’t realise it needed saving.

A Veiled Deception was very well written and driven by strong, well-developed characters who knew what they wanted, where they had been and where they were going. The mystery was well kept until the last moment and the twists and turns were both believable and enjoyable.

Madiera is a breath of fresh air for me. She’s strong-willed and focused. No-one is sneaking up on her and god help them if they try – they might get pepper sprayed. She’s an active character who chases the clues. Things don’t just happen to her, she makes them happen and searches out the answers. Clues don’t just fall into her lap, she searches them out, travelling across the USA to get information to save her sister.

This book has the classic small town USA vibe that I fell in love with thanks to Hallmark Mysteries. The character of the town and its people adds some hilarity to the story, especially when Madiera is trying to keep secrets from her father and the town unveils her secret for her.

The love interest is cute and intriguing. Her on again, off again boyfriend is a hot FBI agent who actually knows that he has to treat her right and work to get back in her good books.

This cozy appealed to all of my reading loves: paranormal vibes, cute slow burn romance, well developed strong female protagonist. I’m hooked and, as with all the Annette Blair novels I’ve read, I will be re-reading this one.

A Veiled Deception, by Annette Blair
Series: #1, A Vintage Magic Mystery
Genre: Cozy Mystery
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