BOOK REVIEW: Lick, by Kylie Scott

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Lick was hilarious and enjoyable in parts but tedious and eye roll worthy in others.  An easy read for anyone looking to binge some Rockstar Romances.

Evelyn goes to Vegas with her bestie to celebrate her 21st birthday. What she doesn’t tell her best friend is her real reason for going: she’s determined to have good sex for the first time and erase the nightmare of her actual first time with a one-night stand.

Things don’t quite go to plan, however, and Eve walks up with no memory, a 5-carat rock and her arms wrapped around a toilet seat while a gorgeous man watches her like he knows her very well. She only went and married a rock star and tattooed his name on her arse!

There are things I loved about Kylie Scott’s Lick and minor things that annoyed at times.
One of the things I loved about Evelyn, in the end, was her determination to be her own person and find her feet without help. She grows into herself in this book and does not fall into David’s arms after he apologies for his colossal mistakes and mistreatment of her which, if you read my review on Breaking Hollywood, you may know that I despise that weak feature in women.

No, Eve actually fights him and makes him work for her forgiveness. She also finds herself in a position in this book that most new adults can relate to. The mess with David and the sudden loss of her internship with a Seattle based architecture firm help her realise that she’s taken the wrong path. In this book, Eve started to figure out what she really wants to do with her life and takes actions to make herself happy in the meantime.

I downgraded Lick to a 4-star for a couple of reasons, mainly because I felt it wasn’t perfect and I did have gripes with some parts.

Eve’s mood at the start of the book changes quite quickly. She goes from being adamant that she wants a divorce to talking about true love in the space of two or three days. There were points where I had to wonder if she were throwing herself into the situation for a fear of ever wondering “what if.”

The most annoying thing for me had to be the way she referred to David as her husband constantly. She very quickly wears out the word, using it in every other paragraph which took things to a level of nauseating that even I can’t deal with.

David isn’t perfect either and his treatment of Eve, to begin with, was atrocious and his disregard for her at times completely irked me.

Some of the dialogue was pretty corny also but then I think it was true to Eve, who was essentially a virgin. For someone with her sexual experience, her comfort with sexuality and the human body would probably be a bit weak and they would be embarrassed.

It was as predictable as books are in this genre but it was intriguing and loveable all the same. I think I may have a bit of weakness for musician focused contemporaries.  Unsurprisingly, I’m definitely interested in reading more novels from Kylie Scott, particularly Mal’s story.

Lick, by Kylie Scott
Series: #1 Stage Dive
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
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