BOOK REVIEW: Play On, by Samantha Young

By Christina|March 5, 2018|Book Reviews, Contemporary Romance, New Adult|0 comments

Play On was a passable read which could not compete with Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street series.

Nora O’Brien’s life isn’t going quite as planned. Knocked off track by her father’s untimely accident, Nora is trapped in her small Indiana town with no way out, watching while her dreams of college evaporate. Presented with an opportunity one summer, Nora steals away in the middle of the night and chases her dream to Edinburgh.

Three years later she was left in her adopted country with nothing to her name but guilt and regret. Until Aidan Lennox entered her life.

Play On can be easily divided into three parts: Nora’s Indiana Life, Getting to know Aidan, and Aidan’s reconciliation. The first part served no real substantial purpose that was not covered later in the book. As a result, it was repetitive and littered with exposition. All mystery was taken from the reader with that first section, which resulted in a sometimes boring read.

Given that Young has already written prolifically in this format and the synopsis immediately brings On Dublin Street to mind, this fell short of expectation.

There were enjoyable aspects of the book at later points, but the fact that I had to wait until the last part of the book to encounter it severely diminished the star-rating for me.

I liked the person Nora grew to be, particularly the way that she fought back against Aidan’s misguided attempts to hurt her and continued to chase her dreams. I liked that she didn’t just fall into his arms when he realised his mistake.

Nora’s growth into a strong-willed woman and the unpredictable ending earned this book a 3-star but I have no interest in continuing with the series.

Play On, by Samantha Young
Series: #1 Play On
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
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