BOOK REVIEW: Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris

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Rereading Grave Sight was more enjoyable than I anticipated. Ten years later and I think my emotional connection to Harper may have grown.

Grave Sight follows Harper Connelly a woman who travels across the USA with her step-brother Tolliver finding the dead when conventional resources fail. Struck by lightning as a teenager, Harper can see the deceased’s final moments and sense their final resting place. Called to yet another small town, Harper is used to people treating her like a charlatan.

Most of Charlaine Harris’s books have been a hit or miss for me in recent years so, I was unsurprisingly a little worried when I began re-reading Grave Sight.

I needn’t have worried. This book was highly entertaining and intriguing. My train would arrive at the station and I would not want to put it down.

It may be the fact that I am now closure in age to Harper and have lived in various places but I found that, this time around, I sympathised with her far more. I understood her anger, her fear and her resignation in a way that a fifteen-year-old couldn’t possibly grasp.

Foundations were laid in Grave Sight for future books in the series (the contents of which I cannot remember). Harper and Tolliver are presented almost in their entirety, forced to jump through emotional hoops while the town officials try to criminalise them and the town teenagers fail to terrorise them.

Despite the fact that I remembered the identity of the murderer, the events and descriptions continued to elicit a high emotional response. With the fading of memory, I was almost able to read this book as though it were a brand new read.

I went into this book with no expectations and was impressed that Grave Sight retained it’s 5-star rating ten years later.

Grave Sight, by Charlaine Harris 

Series: #1, Harper Connelly
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery
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