Christina Bevan: Novelist, playwright, screenwriter, booktuber.

I grew up in a relatively sheltered mining town in South Wales obsessed with TV and dancing. Sheltered didn’t suit me one bit, so I suppressed my need to write and uprooted myself to Edinburgh for four years.

Having apparently picked up a Scottish twang, I came to my senses in 2014 realising that the world of interpreting and translation wasn’t for me. I had far too many ideas floating around and had spent more time giving them life than studying for my degree.

Writing appeals to me because there are no boundaries. Writing offers absolute freedom. Everything is possible and all I have to do is  “see” a scenario and write it. Being able to create absolutely anything is definitely my favourite aspect of writing. I also love building layers of meaning into the things I write.
My focus as a writer is divided between writing urban fantasy novels, plays and television pilots. On this site, you will find a mixture of content focusing on my writing and the books I am reading.
Favourite Genres: 
Mainly Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, but I do have a soft spot for some chick lit and contemporary novels.
Favourite Authors: 
Keri Arthur, Katie MacAlister, Neil Gaiman, Kate Mosse, Lindsey Kelk, Carol Goodman, Mike Gayle, Alexandra Potter, Christina Henry, Kalayna Price, Helen Harper.
Favourite TV Series: 
The West Wing, Gilmore Girls (Not the renewal!), American Horror Story, Fringe and Stitchers.
Obsessions (e.g. hobbies): 
Ballroom dancing!
Previous Day Jobs: 
Waitress, Student Shop Team Leader, Logger
Current Day Job: 
Freelance Production Coordinator/Production Secretary in Factual TV. Aspiring Author.