To Read…

By Christina|November 19, 2014

I’m not sure when my list of things to read got so out of control. Didn’t even think I’d been procrastinating but clearly I had better start reading before I add more to it.

What I learnt from 'Showrunners: The Art of Running a Tv Show'

A documentary about showrunners? I think I’m in heaven. Last night, or the early hours of this morning, I discovered a documentary focused entirely on my end goal. I want to be a showrunner. I want to make great TV and I want to lead a team in creating that TV. Why? I have absolutely no clue. I might be crazy but we all have to have goals, right? This

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Web Series Project

After a month of meeting with writers and discussing what will be, tomorrow’s the day. The day that will jump start the physical conversion of ‘Flat 666’ from an idea to a Web Series in production. Tomorrow, we start the intensive process of creating content for the series. ‘Flat 666’ is a mockumentary style Web Series which will essentially follow the lives of eight freshers as they adapt to their new lives

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Neil Gaiman: "I didn't have a career; I just did the next thing on the list."

Looking back, I’ve had a remarkable ride. I’m not sure I can call it a career because a career implies that I had some kind of career plan…and I never did. The nearest thing I had was a list I made when I was about 15 of everything I wanted to do.  I wanted to write an Adult novel, a Children’s book, a comic, a movie, record an Audiobook, write an

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Is this writers' block?

I keep feeling the need to write. Something. Anything. And I’ve stopped myself every time. Why?  Have I been so sucked into the rules of structuring and planning? Is this only type of writing I can allow myself to experience freestyle? Mind you it is entirely possible that the diversity of my ideas is stunting my creativity. Every time I think about writing something, I think what? Which one do

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And it begins…

I’ve been a USW student for thee weeks now and I’m still finding it odd. It’s hard not to draw comparisons between USW and Heriot-Watt. Especially when something as simple as booking a room for a five day Writersroom becomes a momentous task. God help me when we need to book studios for casting! Every HWU student used to think that Heriot-Watt was incredibly slow both in academic and administration

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