The Pros and Cons of Playwriting Residencies with Ideastap and Papatango

Meeting Papatango At the end of July, I went up to London for a workshop with Papatango. The long bus ride reminded me that I’m so far behind in my posts that I still haven’t typed up my notes from the first time I met George Turvey and heard of Papatango (too the point that there’s another workshop next week). So I’ve been digging through my notebooks for my notes

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HighTide Playwright Workshop with Jack Lowe

Back in February, I won a brief with Ideastap to attend a playwriting workshop led by Jack Lowe on behalf of HighTide Festival Theatre, a “powerhouse of new writing” according to The Observer. There were six workshops across the UK between December and February. Twenty-five writers were chosen to attend on of the 12 workshops. Out of those three hundred writers, twenty-five would be chosen, based on their samples, to

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What I learnt from Manon Eames…

It has been suggested that, as new writers, it is highly likely that our first commission will come in the form of an adaptation. Thankfully, at the last Scriptwriting Weekend in December, we were fortunate enough to be visited by Manon Eames, an experienced freelance writer who’s adaptations of work into Welsh from English and French have gained her critical acclaim….

What I learnt from 'Showrunners: The Art of Running a Tv Show'

A documentary about showrunners? I think I’m in heaven. Last night, or the early hours of this morning, I discovered a documentary focused entirely on my end goal. I want to be a showrunner. I want to make great TV and I want to lead a team in creating that TV. Why? I have absolutely no clue. I might be crazy but we all have to have goals, right? This

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