#TBRChallenge: Short Reads January

It’s Short Reads Month! In 2018, I am participating in the TBR Challenge, hosted by Wendy at The Misadventures of Super Librarian. The goal of the TBR Challenge is rather self-explanatory, read one book a month from the TBR pile. To participate, you just have to be on social media and use #TBRChallenge, particularly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (today). Each month has been assigned an optional theme. January’s theme is We

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BOOK REVIEW: Boys by Ella Hickson

‘Boys’ by Ella Hickson is about accepting change and taking the next step in life. Boys uses a cast of characters graduating (some of them) from university and sets it in their final week of flat sharing. The play explores the grey area between childhood and adulthood and the uncertainties they face. The four new graduates choose to celebrate their impending adulthood with the party to end it all. Tongues loosen

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November Challenge

2016 was supposed to be a year of getting things done. Projects were to be finished, pieces were to be redrafted and forgotten so I could move on to write more stories. I had a plan for this year And part of that plan dictated that by this point in the year, I would have completed all prep on my next book – or more the rewrite of a book

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Updated To Read List

So it’s been eight months since I posted anything on my reading habits. Well, there’s no time like the present. Here it is: ——————————————- That Face – Polly Stenham The Effect – Lucy Prebble (Read. Love this writer and the    subject matter is in line with one of my many interests: Psychology and the Brain. Amazing play.) The New Electric Ballroom – Enda Walsh The Nether – Jennifer Haley

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MA Scriptwriting Residential – Gregynog

My last post on Gregynog was a little short to say the least. The trip felt far too brief and I could have happily spent another two to three days at Gregynog Hall, even with the lack of signal and the terrible internet.  Gregynog Hall is a Grade One country mansion in Mid Wales, near Newtown. It was rebuilt in the 1840s and was eventually gifted to the University of Wales in the

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Next Steps

With the adaptation treatment for ‘Amfia’ finished at last, I’m feeling a little lost – I have spent the last month and a half focusing all of my attention on Amfia, Maura and the society beneath the sea. I’ve spent most of the day trying to start my short script but have ended up only thinking about doing it while I re-watch Once Upon A Time. I’m trying not to think of it

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Too much to do, too little time

I’ve had an extremely busy start to the year….and it’s only just turned February!  In just one month and eleven days, there have been assignments to hand in, workshops, masterclasses, some serious problem solving and a lot of script development.  My head hurts just thinking about it. Thankfully, with all academic aspects of the course out of the way, I can dedicate my time to the important side….the creative.

Sanctuary: A Short Play

In November, Jill, an MA Drama student, asked me to come up with a short play dealing with the idea of sanctuary. She wanted something scripted to use for her assessment. Jill just forgot to mention that she needed it before the semester ended. Panicked, I set to work on the first short play I’ve ever written. The first draft apparently made no sense so back to the drawing board I went and Sanctuary was born…

My 2015 Reading List

My list of books to read just seems to keep growing. In order to keep all the piles of books straight in my head, I’m creating this list as a checklist for myself. I’ll cross them out as I get through them and maybe add a review later on. Although, it’ll probably be twice the size before the course is even finished…

What I learnt from the first Scriptwriting Weekend with Rebecca Gould…

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing all my notes up for months now. In typical writer fashion, I’m choosing now to do that. Yes, I am well aware that I should be writing my Script Analysis essay but procrastination is so sweet when it’s productive. The first scriptwriting weekend was intense and started very early (9 AM? Really?). Even so, it was well worth the loss of sleep

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